The Economic Situation In Gaza Has Very Little To Do With The Israeli “Blockade”

Yesterday Arutz Sheva ( reported on living conditions in Gaza.  According to the article:

“Egyptian journalist Ashraf Abu al-Houl has added his report to others who were surprised to discover a “prosperous” Gaza in which prices are low and luxury businesses are booming. Al-Houl’s story of his trip to Gaza and his realization that “in actual terms, Gaza is not under siege” was written up in the Egyptian daily Al-Ahram and translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI).”

The article points out that the prosperity is not enjoyed by everyone.  Ashraf Abu al-Houl reports that, “The luxury resorts and wide range of consumer goods are enjoyed by “only a few groups,” he said, primarily those who own smuggling tunnels to Egypt and those who work for international organizations such as the United Nations’ UNRWA and who do not include or aid the rest of the population.”

It is interesting that the smugglers, United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA), and other international organizations that are supposedly helping the people are living the life of luxury.  It seems as if those organizations need to do a better job of sharing the wealth.