Are Illegal Immigrants Illegal ? How Would We Know ?

Reuters is reporting today on the blocking of key parts of Arizona’s immigration law by U.S. District Judge Susan Bolton.  Judge Bolton blocked the provision that required a police officer to determine the immigration status of a person detained or arrested if the officer believed the person was not in the country legally.  Also blocked were provisions requiring immigrants to carry their papers at all times and making it illegal for people without proper documents to tout for work in public places.

If someone is here illegally and commits a serious crime, why in the world should we keep them in an American jail?  Why can’t we establish their status and ship them back to their home country?  It would be cheaper for everyone and would provide some protection from repeat offenders for Americans.  How many innocent people and police officers have to die before we begin to enforce our borders?   How many signs do we have to put up telling Americans to stay out of their own parks due to drug runners and murderers?  This is our country–the threats caused by illegal immigration have as much to do with national security as terrorism does.  When are we going to protect our own country?