Massachusetts Takes A Stand Against Illegal Immigrants????

Yes, you read the headline right.  It’s not a total stand, but it’s a beginning.  According to Hot Air, the Massachusetts Senate passed a measure (28-10) barring the state from doing business with any company that is not in complaince with federal laws regarding the hiring of illegal immigrants.  The bill also denies in-state college tuition rates for illegal immigrants.  The bill also provides for tougher penalties for creating or using fake identification documents.  The Republicans only hold five seats in the Massachusetts state Senate.  The bill was passed after polling indicated that 84 percent of Massachusetts voters supported tough immigration laws.  The House of Representatives in Massachusetts voted down a measure in late April that would have denied welfare payments to illegal aliens.  I suspect this vote in the Senate is an attempt to placate voters after recent Republican victories in the state.

This measure still has to pass the Massachusetts House and be signed by Deval Patrick.  It should be very interesting to see what happens next.