More Than 2000 People Gathered And Most Media Didn’t Report It

Front Page Magazine posted an article about a Solidarity with Israel Rally that took place in front of the Israeli Consulate in New York City on Sunday afternoon.  The rallying cry of the day was “Obama – Stop Pressuring Israel”.  There were more than 2000 people in attendance.

Please follow the above link to the article.  Fern Sidman, who wrote the article, explains a lot of the contradictions between Jewish groups who are supporting President Obama and don’t want to lose their influence with his administration and those Jewish groups who see the danger to Israel in making too many concessions in the name of peace.

The article reminds us:

“Rabbi Yaakov Spivak of Monsey, NY, a longtime Jewish activist, radio talk show host and a Daily News columnist intoned, “President Obama, we’re here today to tell you something. In Warsaw, they told Jews where we could build, in Lodz they told Jews where we could build, in Paris they told Jews where we could build. You will never tell us where to build in Jerusalem. We are home and Israel is our country. You are not our landlord and we are neither a vassal state nor a banana republic. Our mandate to be here today is none other than our holy Tanach, our bible which says, ‘For the sake of Zion I will not be silent and for the sake of Jerusalem I will not be quiet.””

We are in danger of taking the side of countries that want to see Israel destroyed–there has been no evidence since the Palestinians have been given the Gaza strip that they want to spend money on infrastructure or on helping their people.  Any money they have received has gone toward weapons aimed at Israel.  Until that changes and they begin to build a viable state, I see no reason why we should force Israel to make concessions to them.

The article also points out:

“A formidable contingent of Hindu and Sikh supporters of Israel was also present at the rally. “We understand all too well that a policy of appeasement towards Islamic radicalism will never bring peace to Israel or the civilized world,” declared Satya Dosapati of the Hindu Human Rights Watch.” As Hindus, we have been massacred by Muslims for thousands of years. If President Obama really believes that isolating and demonizing Israel and publicly humiliating Israel’s Prime Minister is not emboldening our Islamic enemies, then something is really wrong. Israel is a peace seeking nation and we unequivocally support their right to their homeland. The world must realize that if Israel falls then the entire world will come under the domination of a blood thirsty Islamic caliphate,” he continued.”

Israel and America are not the only countries in the crosshairs of the radical element of Islam.  The War on Terrorism should be a worldwide effort, and Mr. Dosapati realizes that.  Hopefully the rest of the world will realize it before it is too late.