Something To Consider

Today at the Corner at National Review Online, Mark Steyn speaks out on the recent South Park controversy involving their portrayal of Muhammad.  In response to the censorship, Sarah Norris, a cartoonist, started “Everybody Draw Muhammad Day“.  On Friday Sarah told a Seattle talk show host that “as a cartoonist, I just felt so much passion about what had happened…” noting that “it’s a cartoonist’s job to be non-PC.”

Today according to Mark Steyn:

“Her stark website today reads: “”I am NOT involved in “Everybody Draw Mohammd [sic] Day!””

What is going on here?  As the western world bows to the demands of Islam, we are more and more finding out that practicing tolerance is a one-way street.  Mr. Steyn reports of an incident in a school:

“Around 2002 she (a London Times writer) began to encounter explicitly anti-Semitic speech from Muslim students: “Does someone smell a Jew? It stinks here.” “You are not human, you are a Jew.” Had Anglo-Saxon skinheads essayed such jests, Oliver Kamm’s warriors of secular pluralism would have crushed them like bugs. But when the teacher went to the principal, and the school board, and the local “hate-crimes unit,” they all looked the other way and advised her that it would be easier if she retired. Sixty out of 75 French teachers at the school opted to leave: A couple were Jewish, a few more practicing Catholics, and most of the rest were the liberal secularists on whom Oliver Kamm’s defense of the West rests. The francophone children withdrew, too. And now the principal and most of the students and faculty are Muslim.”

There are more ways to take over a country than guns.  We need to make sure as a nation that when we are tolerant of other cultures in our midst that those cultures respect America and its culture.