Don’t Believe Everything You See

One of the things that happens when there is a war in the Middle East is that the war is always fought on two fronts–the military front and the propaganda front. Unfortunately, the Muslim Brotherhood and its friends in Hamas are very skillful in manipulating the press.

Yesterday reported that a report on CNN by Sara Sidner on the death of a child in Gaza strongly implied that Israel rocket fire was responsible for the fatality. New information shows that was probably not the case.

The article at Breitbart reports:

The dead child was paraded before the cameras during the visit of Egyptian prime minister Hisham Kandil, who kissed the dead child in the presence of Hamas prime minister Ismail Haniyeh.

The first problem with this is that Israel did not fire any rockets into Gaza during the visit of Prime Minister Kandil–the only rockets in the air were coming from Gaza going into Israel. The second problem is that the Palestinian Center for Human Rights did not list the child as a victim of an Israeli airstrike.

The article quotes a website called the Elder of Ziyon who provides further information:

Put this together with the fact that Hamas and other terror groups were firing rockets throughout Friday morning while the IDF did not, plus the fact that over 100 rockets have fallen short in Gaza (both using past performance and IDF statistics as proof), and the fact that the shrapnel in the video matches almost exactly the shrapnel damage we have seen from rocket fire into Israel, and it is very clear: this child was killed by Gaza rocket fire, not by Israel.

Unfortunately, there is a history of Hamas faking civilian deaths in an attempt to move public opinion to their side.

The article article cites one example:

Hamas has a well-established pattern of faking civilian deaths in Gaza, even as it seeks civilian deaths in Israel (and fakes that, too, pretending it is firing at military targets). Last week, Breitbart News caught Hamas using a month-old photo of a dead Syrian boy and claiming he had been killed by Israel–a double irony, since the Assad regime that killed the boy hosted Hamas for years before the outbreak of the Syrian civil war.

The thing to remember about the missiles from Israel that are landing in Gaza is the reason they are being fired.

CBN News reported today:

Hundreds of Israelis gathered to pray for their country as Hamas continued to launch rockets into Israel and the Israeli Air Force carried out strikes on terror targets.

The terrorist group intensified its missile barrages against southern Israel over the weekend. More than 560 rockets have slammed into Israel so far, with another 300-plus intercepted by the Iron Dome anti-missile batteries.

The rockets fired from Gaza are aimed at civilian targets in Israel. Those rockets are fired from civilian centers–near mosques and schools–using civilians as shields. The Israelis have to aim carefully to avoid civilian casualties–they are not always successful. Hamas is aiming at civilian targets. This will not end until Hamas stops firing missiles into Israel. Unfortunately, they may not be ready to do that.

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