The Impact Of President Obama’s Policies On Young Voters

On Tuesday, Michael Barone posted an article at the Washington Examiner explaining the impact of President Obama’s policies on young voters.

One area that will be a problem for young voters in the future is the rapid expansion of college loans. The government policies in regard to college loans are creating a debt bubble not unlike the housing bubble of recent years.

The article lists some of the ways government policies impact the young. Mr. Barone concludes:

Obama’s policies, from Obamacare to high-speed rail, treat people as identical cogs in a very large machine, part of a mindless mass who would not be able to get along without government guidance.

In the information age, these industrial-age policies have prevented the vibrant economic growth, which gives young people the opportunity to find work and community service that maximizes their own special talents and interests — to shape their own world and choose their own future.

It remains to be seen if the young voters in America have the wisdom to vote in their own interests (and the interests of the rest of us).

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