Sometimes The News Coverage Of A Story Is More Important Than The Story

As anyone who has ‘fought city hall’ will tell you, sometimes things are not as they appear to be.  Yesterday’s New York Times reported that James O’Keefe had been arrested in New Orleans for plotting to tamper with the telephone system in the New Orleans office of Senator Mary Landrieu, Democrat of Louisiana.  What the actual truth of the story is I don’t know, but what I think will be interesting to watch is how the major media reporting of the story tries to link Andrew Breitbart to the arrest.

If you remember, James O’Keefe was the young man responsible for making the ACORN videos showing ACORN employees willing to help someone break the law.  Andrew Breitbart was, to a large extent, responsible for getting them out on the internet.

The non-mainstream media reporting on this can be found (currently) in three places–Hot Air, Hugh Hewitt‘s website, and  Big Government is Andrew Breitbart’s website, and from what I understand, he will be doing his best to bring you the whole story.

As you read the mainstream media reports on this incident, please keep one thing in mind.  Andrew Breitbart at Big Government has fought ACORN and is fighting government corruption.  There are a lot of people in government and in the media who would prefer that his website were not around.  Whatever the truth is in this story, the story will be used to try to put an end to the Big Government website’s credibility.  If you understand the tactics being used to silence people who oppose big government and liberal policies, you are less likely to fall for those tactics.