The Numbers Tell The Story

The proof of the pudding is in the eating. I remember back in the days of dinosaurs experiencing the shock of going from four years of high school college prep courses, where all I had to do was memorize and pass the tests, to two years of secretarial school where I had to prove that I could type, take shorthand, and actually balance a general ledger. It was culture shock. It was easier just to memorize what war happened when, etc. That is the cultural divide we are facing in the upcoming Presidential election.

President Obama is an academic who knows how to community organize. Mitt Romney is a businessman who actually knows how money works and how to grow businesses.

Today’s Washington Examiner reported on the new jobs numbers and unemployment numbers that came out today (and the revised numbers from the previous months). This should be the summer hiring season, but that simply is not happening. The unemployment rate has risen slightly–to 8.2 percent. Only 69,000 jobs were created last month (150,000 was the expected number). March and April numbers were also revised down. March was revised to 143,000, instead of the original 154,000. April was revised to 77,000, from 115,000. First quarter economic growth was revised downward to 1.9 percent.

The chart below (from Legal Insurrection) tells the story:

President Obama has had three and a half years to do something with the American economy. He has done something–he has doubled the national debt, he has taken over the healthcare industry, he has overregulated businesses, and he has shut down energy production on federal land.

I think it’s time to vote for the person who can actually do something positive.


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