Congratulations, Honduras!

Today’s Washington Examiner posted an editorial about what is happening in Honduras today.  The forces of Democracy have prevailed despite meddling from Hugh Chavez and the United States State Department. 

Today Honduras votes for a new President.  The attempt by President Manuel Zelaya to violate the country’s Constitution and serve another term as President was blocked, and a new President will be elected today.  Roberto Micheletti, who has served as acting President, plans to step aside quietly when the situation is resolved.  President Zelaya accepted a deal brokered by the United State that allowed the Honduran Congress which had removed him decide whether or not to reinstate him.  They have put off their decision until after the election so that his successor will have already been named, thus avoiding another attempt at an unconstitutional second term by President Zelaya.

The editorial concludes:

“By resisting Obama’s earlier threats and bucking elite world opinion, Honduran leaders strengthened their democratic institutions for the future. The precedent of military obedience to civilian government will serve them well. Roberto Micheletti, who like Zelaya belongs to the Liberal Party, will step aside quietly after serving as interim president for a few critical months. (He is not a candidate for president.) His actions and those of his fellow party-members are heroic, ensuring that this crisis will serve as the bedrock for vigorous two-party competition for future elections. And another good thing: No matter who wins, the precedent of limited executive power will be firmly embedded permanently in the mind of the new Honduran president.”

Congratulations, Honduras, on showing how to preserve Democracy!