Free Speech At American Universities

On Friday, a story was posted at about recent events at Portland State University. Erick Stakelbeck is scheduled to speak at the Portland State University chapter of Christians United for Israel (CUFI) on Monday night, May 14th. His topic is to be the latest developments in the Middle East and the increasing threats to Israel.

The picture below shows what has happened to some of the posters the CUFI put up to publicize the event (which is open to the public):

This is just inexcusable.

This article reports:

Portland State University administrators and campus police have been notified about the threats and I’m fully expecting that they will launch an investigation and have ample security on hand for Monday night’s event. If they do not, and if they allow anti-Semitic radicals to disrupt my speech, run amok during the Q and A, or intimidate others in the audience (click here to watch a particularly egregious 2010 example from UC Irvine) you will surely hear about it in this space come Tuesday morning.

There have been many recent examples of anti-Semitism on college campuses in America. David Horowitz routinely reports on such incidents at his website, Many of the Arab studies programs at American colleges are funded by countries or organizations that have strong ties to the Muslim Brotherhood. Because that’s where the money comes from, anti-Semitism and basic tolerance of Sharia Law is being taught at American colleges. We are brainwashing our smartest young people. If you have a child in college or are sending a child to college in the near future, please pay close attention to what they are learning. Our survival as a free society depends on what our children are being taught.



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