Who Will Police the Police?

The following is taken from the Corner at National Review–


Laugh or Cry at Reid/Dodd?   by Victor Davis Hanson

Watching the politicians fight over the “plan” is like watching a lifetime smoker with cancer in his 11th hour questioning the value of his toxic chemotherapy.

Then there is the classical demagoguery–really, one of the most shameful spectacles in recent memory– of this morning’s Reid/Dodd press conference:

After tsk, tsking that presidential politics have not been helpful and should have no role in the loan guarantees, Sen. Reid warms up and immediately in front of the clicking cameras then stoops to, of course, blasting McCain.

Then he rails that neither candidate is a member of the Senate Banking Committee–though in July Obama I think claimed (“my committee”) he was. All this is worthy of a Huey Long.

Then Sen. Dodd takes over, waves a paper as his eyes flash and he rails at the Wall Street greed that brought us this mess. He never offers a word that as the Chairman of the Senate Banking Committee, he took $165,000 in contributions from the failing Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac octopus as payback for his long-standing opposition to regulating these out of control institutions that triggered the entire mess, or that he took VIP insider discounted loans from the now long gone Countrywide Financial that did its part to get us to where we are. Pretty shameful. Who will police the police?