The Susan G. Komen Foundation Has Announced That It Has Severed Its Partnership With Some Planned Parenthood Affiliates

CBN News reported today that the Susan G. Komen Charity has severed its partnership with some Planned Parenthood affiliates. Congress is currently investigating Planned Parenthood to see if it improperly used public money for abortions.

The article reports:

In December, the Southern Baptist Convention’s publishing division recalled pink Bibles it had sold to benefit the charity.

Pro-life groups welcomed the news. the Alliance Defense Fund praised Komen “for seeing the contradiction between its lifesaving work and its relationship with an abortionist that has ended millions of lives.”

Last year, the Komen Foundation gave around $680,000 and in 2010, $580,000 to at least 19 Planned Parenthood clinics.

Planned Parenthood has claimed that it does mammograms and other cancer screening; but, as I reported in March of last year (, there is some genuine question as to whether or not they actually provide those services.

As previously reported, when a women seeking to make an appointment for a mammogram called her local Planned Parenthood clinic, she was told that the clinic did not provide that service:

“In fact, one center told the caller that “we don’t deal with the health side of it so much.  We’re mostly a surgical center”:”

If Planned Parenthood actually provided mammograms, it would be reasonable for a charity fighting breast cancer to support them. Since Planned Parenthood seems to be totally focused on performing abortions (which unfortunately has become a major industry in this country), it makes sense that the Komen charity would sever their ties with Planned Parenthood.

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