Some Chilling Quotes From A Canadian Murder Trial

A website called Atlas Shrugged posted an article on Wednesday about a murder trial being held in Canada.

The article reports:

Tooba Mohammad Yahya, 41, is accused of conspiring with her husband, Mohammad Shafia, 58, and their eldest son, Hamed, 21, of running one of their family cars into a canal with their four relatives inside.

This was an honor killing. Some of the comments from the family members accused of the killings (I apologize for the language):

“May the devil s**t on their graves. Is that what a daughter should be? Would a daughter be such a whore?” — Muslim dad who honor killed his three daughters and wife.

“God’s curse on them for generations.¬† … They betrayed Islam.”

“I would do it again 100 times,” said Mohammad Shafia, who murdered his THREE daughters in honour killing for dating the wrong boys.

What kind of god leads people to kill members of their family and believe that they are doing something good?

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