The Rest Of The Story…

Yesterday’s Washington Times posted a story yesterday about Rifqa Bary, the teenager from Ohio who converted from Islam to Christianity then fled to Florida because she feared for her life.  When this news story broke recently, I was not sure what the situation was or what the media coverage would be.  The Washington Post, however, has posted some of the details of the story that I haven’t seen anywhere else.

Mohamed and Aysha Bary, Rifqa’s parents, declared themselves indigent and were given court-appointed lawyers paid for by the taxpayers, but Mr. Bary reported to Dun and Bradstreet that his business does $237,561 yearly.  Mr Bary dissolved his business on July 29, after hearing of his daugher’s conversion to Christianity.  He was planning to move the family back to Sri Lanka. 

I have a few questions.  Why are the taxpayers paying for a lawyer for someone who just sold a business worth $237,561 yearly?  Does anyone honestly believe that Rifqa would have been safe in Sri Lanka?  Thank God the courts did not send her back to her parents!!

We have had honor killings in America.  The murder of Aasiya Zubair Hassan , who was beheaded by her husband in Buffalo, New York, early this year is an example of one.  She was seeking to divorce her husband at the time she was murdered. In my limited experience with Muslims, I have met a woman who had to have her identity changed because she had left an abusive marriage and her brother was trying to find her to kill her because she had disgraced the family.  In America, murder is illegal and you go to jail for it.  That is probably the reason Mr. Bary was planning to move the family back to Sri Lanka.

I have no objection to Muslims practicing their religion in America, but where the culture of that religion clashes with American law, the law must prevail.  I am very glad that the courts made the right decision in this case.