The Case For Voter Identification

Artur Davis (D) - US Representative

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Yesterday the Daily Caller posted a story about the need for voter identification. Generally speaking, the Democrats claim that the move toward requiring voters to have picture identification is designed to limit the voting ability of minorities. Well, one Democrat is destroying that argument with tales of Democrat voter fraud.

The article reports:

But former Democratic Rep. Artur Davis told The Daily Caller that anti-fraud measures are needed to protect African-Americans from corrupt political bosses — many of them African-Americans themselves — who run Democratic Party machines in the South.

The Daily Caller quotes Mr. Davis:

“What I have seen in my state, in my region, is the the most aggressive practitioners of voter-fraud are local machines who are tied lock, stock and barrel to the special interests in their communities — the landfills, the casino operators — and they’re cooking the [ballot] boxes on election day, they’re manufacturing absentee ballots, they’re voting [in the names of] people named Donald Duck, because they want to control politics and thwart progress.”

We need more people to speak up for voter identification–honest elections are a very necessary part of our government.

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