Moving On In Cambridge

I guess humility is not a quality found in professors at Harvard University.   According to, Professor Gates is ready to ‘move on’ from his arrest and use the experience as a ‘teaching moment’.  I think I want to hear the audio tapes of the incident before I am ready to move on or have a teachable moment.  There is no mention in the article of the Professor being willing to apologize for his own behavior.

What about teaching people to respect a police officer when he asks you for your identification?  What about understanding that the police officer was responding to a call from a neighbor that a robbery might be in progress?  What about understanding that this police officer keeps law and order in your society?  Professor Gates wants to teach us all a lesson on racial profiling, what about police profiling?  Why did he automatically assume that the policeman was racially biased?  Why not assume that the policeman was doing his job? 

I will admit that I have drawn my own conclusions about this incident based on the way the people involved handled the press afterward.  I will, however, save my strongest statements for when (and if) the audio tapes of the arrest come out.  Technically, according to the Freedom of Information Act, those tapes have to be released to the public, but it seems that there are some obstacles to their being released.  It will be interesting to see if the public’s right to know can overcome the ‘powers that be’ in Cambridge.