Would The Children Please Just Stop Fighting And Do Their Jobs!

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The Hill reported yesterday that the Democrats are considering sanctions against some Republican members of the House Intelligence Subcommittee for leaking classified information.  This is the latest food fight over the 'enhanced interrogation' techniques.  According to the article:

"Following Schakowsky's Thursday hearing, Rep. John Kline (R-Minn.), a member of the subcommittee, said he left the hearings further believing that controversial interrogation methods have been effective.
"The hearing did address the enhanced interrogation techniques that have been much in the news lately," Kline told The Hill. "Based on what I heard and the documents I have seen, I came away with a very clear impression that we did gather information that did disrupt terrorist plots.""

The Democrat's complaint is that it was a classified briefing and a closed hearing and that by talking to THE HILL after the hearing, the Republicans were leaking classified information.  The Central Intelligence Agency has declined to comment. 

Would the Congress please grow up and stop fighting with itself.

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