The Wheels of Justice Move Very Slowly

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According to The Hill, the corruption trial of former Representative William Jefferson's (D-La.) is scheduled to being on Tuesday (two years after he was charged).  According to the article, Jefferson's attorneys will make the case that the bribe he took was not a bribe because it related to private business.

"The attorneys argue that the $100,000 Jefferson allegedly received in exchange for promoting donors' business interests in the U.S. and Africa, including $90,000 found in his freezer, was not illegal because his dealings were related to private business and were not "official" in nature."

There evidently is some basis for this argument based on a prior case:

"D.C. Police Detective Nelson Valdes accepted $400 from an uncover FBI informant in exchange for acquiring vehicle registration and arrest warrant information from a restricted police database. An en banc panel voted 7-5 to overturn an original conviction, finding that the government failed to show that Valdes had committed an "official act" within the meaning of the gratuities statute when he searched the police databases."

There is also the issue of the $90,000 the police found in Representative Jefferson's freezer in his Washington home.  I understand that under the laws of this country you are innocent until proven guilty, but logically this just doesn't look good.

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