I Hate To Be Picky, But...

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Let Freedom Ring has a pledge on their website that you can download and send to your Senators and members of Congress.  It's a very simple pledge--it says:


The Responsible Healthcare Pledge

Hold your Senators and Members of Congress accountable for reading any healthcare reform legislation up for vote by having them sign our pledge:

Pledge To Read

I apologize for the fact that the form did not fit correctly into the space I had, but please go to their website and take action.  We have had a few bills passed recently in Congress that our Senators and Representatives (and the American people) have not had a chance to read before they were passed.  I don't think it's a lot to ask of our representatives that they take the time to read legislature before they enact it.  This is not a political game--it is the running of our country, and if the people in Washington do not give us and our country the respect deserved, they should be replaced by new people!

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