Benjamin Netanyahu's Speech

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Today's Washington Times covered the recent speech by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.  In remarks widely viewed as a response to President Barack Obama's recent address to the Muslim world, Prime Minister Netanyahu stated that he would support a Palestinian state with conditions.  The article states:

"Mr. Netanyahu went further than any leader of the Likud party in recognizing the need for a Palestinian state, but he placed two conditions: that the United States gives a guarantee that it remain demilitarized and that the Palestinians recognize Israel as a Jewish state."

He also stated that Jerusalem must remain undivided and under Israeli rule, rejecting Palestinian claims to the holy city's traditionally Arab eastern section as the future capital of Palestine. 

He called for the Palestinians to sit down at the negotiating table without preconditions. Saeb Erekat, a senior official in the Palestinian Authority, said the conditions outlined by Mr. Netanyahu ended prospect for negotiations.

I doubt that a non-military Palestinian state is possible.  The Palestinians have destroyed the infrastructure of the land they have been given, and they have used the money they have been given to rebuild it to pad foreign bank accounts or buy weapons.  Until the Palestinians start acting like peaceful state trying to help its people move forward, I see no reason to give them statehood. 

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