Sample Action Issue And Response

This is a sample of an action issue and the response to the issue of Certificate of Need:

Dear Senator Sanderson, Senator Perry, Representative Kidwell and Representative Tyson,

Members of the Coastal Carolina Taxpayers Association (including me) have made no secret of the fact that we believe the Certificate of Need requirement that North Carolina imposes on various medical equipment and procedures stifles competition and keeps medical expense artificially high for our people.

We’ve discussed the fact that big hospitals have most of the CON monopoly (which is not an accident) even though many of them are sitting free of charge on land that belongs to taxpayers, and many of them are sitting on millions of dollars in retained earnings on which they have paid no taxes.

I’ve just discovered something new.  Our NC Treasurer, Dale Folwell, has revealed the fact that NC “non-profit” hospitals are paying extravagant sums in executive pay.  Can’t we finally wake up and smell the coffee burning and get fair?  Let’s get rid of all CON requirements in NC, please!

You can read about Treasurer Folwell’s revelations at…