The Alternative Healthcare Reform Bill

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An alternative healthcare reform bill is posted on the internet at  The bill is, literally one page long.

A few highlights:

  • The small bill increases spending by $180 billion, Obamacare increases spending by $2.5 trillion.
  • There are no tax increases in the small bill.  Obamacare increases taxes by $1.0 trillion.
  • There are no Medicare cuts in the small bill.  Obamacare cuts Medicare $800 billion (according to CBO projections for the Senate bill from 2014 to 2023).
  • Obamacare insures 260,000 new people for every $20 billion spent.  The small bill insures 1.1 million people for every $20 billion spent.
  • Unless doctors' pay under Medicare is cut by 21%, Obamacare results in $217 billion in deficit spending.

The details of how this is done are listed on the small bill website listed above.  Remember, it only took eighteen pages to found our nation.  We should be able to do healthcare reform in less pages than that!

More information on the small bill can be found at the Weekly Standard..

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