Snookered Again

CNN is reporting today that Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif stated Monday that that “we did not agree to dismantle anything.”

The article reports:

In addition, the deal mandated that Iran halt all enrichment above 5% and “dismantle the technical connections required to enrich above 5%,” according to a White House fact sheet issued in November after the initial agreement was reached.

Zarif accused the Obama administration of creating a false impression with such language.

“The White House tries to portray it as basically a dismantling of Iran’s nuclear program. That is the word they use time and again,” he said, urging Sciutto to read the actual text of the agreement. “If you find a single, a single word, that even closely resembles dismantling or could be defined as dismantling in the entire text, then I would take back my comment.”

He repeated that “we are not dismantling any centrifuges, we’re not dismantling any equipment, we’re simply not producing, not enriching over 5%.”

“You don’t need to over-emphasize it,” Zarif said of the White House language. A separate summary sent out by the White House last week did not use the word dismantle.

So what is going on here? The sanctions placed on Iran by the United States and the United Nations had seriously hurt Iran’s economy. In order for the current regime to stay in power (avoid political unrest due to the economy), they needed to get those sanctions lifted. They also wanted to continue their nuclear program. The Obama Administration needed a victory in the area of foreign affairs to take the spotlight off of ObamaCare, bad unemployment numbers, Benghazi, etc. So the Obama Administration signed this agreement with Iran which allows the Obama Administration a political victory, allows Iran to get out from under the sanctions, and allows Iran to continue its nuclear program. The bottom line is simple–America, Europe, and Israel lose–all will be in range of Iran’s nuclear arsenal. Remember, the mullahs in charge in Iran believe that chaos will usher in the coming of their messiah. This is not a good situation. America has been snookered again by a regime buying time to complete its nuclear development.

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