The Inmates Have Obviously Taken Over The Asylum

Yesterday Bizpacreview reported that ROTC members were forced to parade around the Temple University campus in Arizona in red high heels. I am not talking about female ROTC members–I am talking about male ROTC members. The exercise was supposed to raise awareness about assault against women. I suspect that the only awareness they raised was an awareness of how miserable your feet feel after doing a lot of walking in high heels.

This is one of the photos:

rotc article

The article reported:

For every social media proponent of the event, there were many more who voiced their opposition.

“Who’s the rocket scientist that thought this up and how much did it cost the taxpayers and the soldiers?” said one Facebook user.

“Extremely offensive,” read another.

“I don’t get the point here,” wrote a frustrated Facebook user, and added possibly the most relevant question of all, “How does forcing a person in uniform to wear high heels relate to sexual assault against women?????”

The sound you hear is that of the Founding Fathers turning over in their graves.

What The Violence Against Women Debate Is Really About

Prepare to hear that Republicans are continuing the ‘war against women’ by refusing to support the Violence Against Women Act. If you have any common sense, you want to know what is really going on. Yesterday’s Washington Examiner posted the story behind the coming headline.

The House of Representatives this week will take up the Violence against Women Act.

The Washington Examiner reports:

House Democrats want a bill similar to the one passed by the Democratically controlled Senate. That bill would provide special protections for gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender individuals. It would also expand the authority of Native American authorities to prosecute non-Indians who commit violence against a Native American on tribal lands.

The Republican bill excludes all of those special protections.

The Democratic version of the bill approved by the Senate also would raise the number of special U.S. visas issued to prevent the deportation of illegal immigrants who claim to be victims of domestic violence. House Republicans want to maintain the current cap on such visas and tighten the rules for who would qualify for such protections, including requiring anyone who received such a visa to aid the prosecution of the alleged abusers.

This bill is one example of why things are not getting done in Washington at this time. A simple bill dealing with the issue of domestic violence would easily pass both houses of Congress. There is a serious question in my mind whether or not the Democrats are negotiating in good faith. No Democrat wants to run for re-election this year on jobs, the national debt, spending or the economy. It is much easier to run around shouting that the Republicans have declared war on women. This may be another bill that will not get passed until after the election.


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