This Can’t End Well

The following video was posted on YouTube today:

If you are looking for objective jurors, there is no way you can support this bill. Jury selection has become an art form. Many people are disqualified from serving on a jury because a family member is a police officer. If they are disqualified for that reason, shouldn’t felons also be disqualified.

If You Are Looking For Information On Common Core, This Might Be Helpful

YouTube has posted two videos about Common Core. One is a trailer for the other. If you have the time, watch the 40 minute video–not the trailer. It is worth it.

Here is the trailer:

Here is the entire video:

Both of these videos explain why parents and grandparents should be greatly concerned about the impact Common Core will have on their children’s and grandchildren’s education.

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The Only Way To End This Type Of Campaign Ad Is To Vote For The Person Being Attacked

The Blaze reported yesterday on a video campaign ad put up by the American Sunrise PAC.

The article reports:

The American Sunrise PAC is responsible for the video.  The group was incidentally founded by the father of Congressman West’s general election opponent, Democrat Patrick Murphy, who has funneled $250,000 into the PAC. 

UPDATE: The group responsible for the West advertisement has disabled all comments and ratings on their video page.  The immense distaste for the ad may have pressured this move.  As Blaze reporter Jason Howerton noted: The video on YouTube currently has more than 12,000 views, with 252 “dislikes” and just 16 “likes.”  The move is ironic since the group responsible for the ad claims to work for “thoughtful”, “more open”, “brighter future” in politics.

What is the problem with the ad? It shows a caricature of Allen West wearing boxing gloves punching an old woman, a young lady and seemingly a family with children. He is then shown taking money from the family and laughing like a gremlin.

The only way to stop this sort of foolishness is to render it ineffective. If you live in Florida, please vote for Allen West.


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I wish I lived in world where videos like the one below were never needed, but in light of recent events, it may someday be helpful to someone someday. The video describes how to survive an ‘active shooter event.’ It involves a lot of common sense, but illustrates some very helpful strategies:

The video was produced by the City of Houston Mayor’s Office of Public Safety and Homeland Security.

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