Speaker Pelosi Has Jumped The Shark

CNS News posted an article today about a bill proposed by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. In an effort to continue to harass the President, Speaker Pelosi has introduced legislation that would require all candidates for president and vice-president to release their tax returns. There would be no requirement for candidates for Congress to release their tax returns.

The article reports:

The provision is part of H.R. 1—the “For the People Act”—which Pelosi introduced Friday.

A summary of the bill says that it includes a section titled “Presidential Tax Transparency.” This section, says the summary: “Requires sitting presidents and vice presidents, as well as candidates for the presidency and vice presidency, to release their tax returns.”

In 2017, when members of Congress were calling on President Donald Trump to release his tax returns, Roll Call asked all 535 members of the House and Senate to release theirs. As Roll Call reported at the time, 6 members did release their tax returns as requested by the publication. Another 6 had already released theirs elsewhere. Another 45 members, Roll Call reported, had previously and partially released their tax returns. But 473 members had not released their tax returns and did not respond to Roll Call’s request that they do so.

Rep. Nancy Pelosi was one of the members, Roll Call reported, who had not released her tax returns.

At an April 2017 press briefing promoting similar legislation that would have required the president—but not members of Congress—to release their tax returns, Pelosi said that president’s do not have a “right to privacy” when it comes to their tax returns.

I don’t mean to be picky here, but if Congress is willing to pass a law that states that candidates for president and vice-president have to release their tax returns, then Congress should have to release theirs.

I have a feeling that for the next two years the House of Representatives is going to spend more time working on laws to make life difficult for President Trump than it is making laws that will be helpful to Americans. That is truly sad.

Maybe It’s Not About Temptation–Maybe It’s About Gossip

This is not an April Fool’s joke–this is a true story. According to Newsbusters, NBC’s Today Show devoted two minutes to whether or not it was good policy for Vice-President Pence to go out to eat alone with a woman who is not his wife. Evidently they thought this was an important topic.

Here is a portion of the discussion:

CARSON DALY: Sounds like an old-school policy that Mike Pence would be on board with.

GUTHRIE: I think it makes some sense. It’s like, I don’t know if I would – I don’t think I would ask my husband to have that policy, but I think it’s, like, probably wise.

SHRIVER: Does she have that policy?

GUTHRIE: I don’t know.

SHRIVER: Mrs. Pence, yeah.

GUTHRIE: I’m not sure.

MELVIN: That’s a good question.

DALY: But why? Why wouldn’t you have dinner with – ?

MELVIN: Well, I mean, I think from his point of view, the easiest way to resist temptation is to avoid it. Not to say that the Vice President – you know, I’m not assuming anything.

DALY: That’s just because they say men and women can’t just be friends, it goes back to that whole thing.

Somehow I can just imagine the news reports if the Vice-President was spotted by a reporter eating dinner in a restaurant with a woman other than his wife. This policy is called wisdom. You might want to look at it as avoiding temptation, but you also might want to look at it as avoiding gossip that might be hurtful to the people involved.

I am simply amazed that the Today Show spent two minutes on this. Many of the religious leaders in America have similar policies–just to avoid the appearance of evil and to avoid gossip. It’s called common sense!