More Shenanigans At The United Nations

Interior of the Church of the Nativity

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Yesterday Fox News reported that the United States will not be contributing to The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) because the organization has accepted the Palestinian mission as a full member.

CBN News reported:

The 107 to 14 vote, with 52 abstentions, easily fulfilled the 81-vote requirement granting full membership status to the P.A. The U.S., Canada and Germany were among the countries voting against the bid, while Russia, China, France, India, South Africa and Brazil were among those voting in favor.

The article at Fox News reports:

Washington is required by law to cut off funding to any U.N. agency if the Palestinian Liberation Organization is granted membership in any group at the international body.

There is more to this story. The Palestinians are seeking to use the United Nations as a vehicle to obtaining a state without making peace with Israel. CBN News reported in February:

The Palestinian Authority has asked the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, or UNESCO, to designate the Church of the Nativity, the Bethlehem church built on the traditional site of Jesus Christ’s birth, as a world heritage site.

“One of the most significant sites of universal importance to humanity is the Old Town of Bethlehem and the birthplace of Jesus,” chief Palestinian negotiator Saeb Erakat said Tuesday in an e-mailed statement. “Palestinians long to share our patrimony with the world.”

No sites under Palestinian Authority control are on the U.N.’s list because Palestinians do not have a state recognized by the U.N. 

At this point I would like to remind everyone about the way Palestinian militants treated the Church of the Nativity when they took it over in 2002. There was a Reuters article on this posted on May 10, 2002, but somehow the link is currently not working. I would also like to remind everyone that when the Arabs controlled the Old City of Jerusalem, Christians and Jews did not have access to their religious sites.

Until the Palestinians recognize the right of Israel to exists, and treat all historical sites in their lands with respect, I see no reason to give them statehood.

 CBN News reported on October 10, 2011:

Taha said UNESCO membership would “allow Palestine to actively participate in protecting cultural heritage in the Palestinian territories,” Reuters reported.

That has not been the case with Joseph’s Tomb, another Jewish holy site, near Shechem, which has been desecrated repeatedly over the years.

Over the weekend, Israeli soldiers preparing the site for Israelis planning to visit during Yom Kippur found swastikas painted on the walls.

In April, a Palestinian policemen opened fire on Israeli passengers driving away from the site, killing Ben Yosef Chai, 24, nephew of Likud Minister Limor Livnat, and wounding four others.

I don’t think the United Nations is ignorant of the history and ideals of the Palestinian Authority–I just think that the United Nations has been taken over by the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC), which seeks to set up a world-wide caliphate. The countries that truly support freedom and freedom of religion need to leave the United Nations as soon as possible and begin an organization of democracies that support freedom–the United Nations does not currently support freedom.
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