Stopping The Drugs Before They Reach The Street

The Daily Caller reported the following today:

Authorities in a Texas community stumbled onto a massive shipment of cocaine being smuggled inside a golf bag during a traffic stop Thursday.

Officers with the Cameron County Sheriff’s Department pulled over a vehicle in Harlingen at the intersection of Bass Boulevard and West Business 83 Thursday evening for a routine violation. Officers searched the car after becoming suspicious, finding roughly 49 pounds of cocaine stashed inside a golf bag and an ice cooler, reports KVEO.

Police arrested driver Juan Antonio Montes Cornejo, a Mexican national, who faces narcotics trafficking charges that could put him in prison for up to 99 years.

…Large quantities of narcotics continue to infiltrate the U.S. due to the relentless efforts of traffickers, however, authorities are stepping up efforts to interdict the dangerous substances, particularly opioids.

Opioid seizures by U.S. Customs and Border Protection agents nearly doubled from 579 pounds in 2013 to 1,135 pounds in 2017, a recent report from Democratic Missouri Sen. Claire McCaskill shows.

I wonder how this cocaine got through the border. That might be something to look at. The fact that this man was stopped with that much cocaine is further proof that we need to do a better job of securing our southern border.

Thank You To The Police Who Protect Us

This is not a hard news story, but I stumbled across this picture on Fox News and think it is adorable:

policemanandLittleGirlThis is the story:

On Sunday March 27, 2016, just after 4:00 PM Traffic Officer Erik Castillo was patrolling Roeding Park in Southwest Fresno as part of the Easter Sunday Safe Park Operation. He noticed a young princess driving her convertible sports car on the grass. Officer Castillo conducted a pretend traffic stop and contacted the princess, later identified as one year old Avery of Fresno. Officer Castillo decided to issue Avery a Junior Motor Officer Sticky Badge instead of a citation and wished her a Happy Easter.