What Happens To The Money We Spend Importing Foreign Oil

Al Arabiya News reported yesterday that Hezbollah’s CFO has fled to Israel taking with him large sum of stolen money, classified documents and maps.

The article reports:

The news website, Now Lebanon, cited Hezbollah officials saying that the 29-year old telecommunication engineer, Hussein Fahs, has crossed to Israel carrying with him $5 million in embezzled money from the group. Fahs is also head of Hezbollah’s operational communications network.

In September, Fahs, who is native of southern Lebanon, was arrested along with other four Hezbollah members over the suspicion of embezzling the group’s funds and collaborating with Israel, Yoni Alpert’s Terror Watch.

Think about this for a minute, if he embezzled $5 million, he was probably handling considerably more money than that. Where did that money come from? That is the questions I would love to see the answer to. My guess is that it came from Iranian oil sales.



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