Why You Should Not Believe Anything You See On Television

We are in the last days of the silly season for this election. We will be seeing news stories and pictures designed to change your mind. Some of them will be real, and some of them will be totally false. To illustrate the fact that things are not always what they seem, I am posting a YouTube video below:

Keep this video in mind as you watch the political ads making the closing arguments.

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An Early Entry In The Silly Season

The silly season is that period of time when everything Congress, the President, or the media do is related to an upcoming election. It usually starts about seven or eight months before the election–in the 2012 election cycle it has already begun.

Newsbusters posted an article on Friday about an article posted in the Daily Kos by Ray Pensador. In his article, Mr. Pensador states:

There is a strong legacy of puritanism in the American culture.  There is a strong legacy of atrocities, of the enslavement and extermination of millions of people, of the appropriation of other people’s land and property, of cruelty, of unimaginable greed.

Yes, this could be said about many other countries, and it takes generations for a country to cleanse itself from those abominations, but again, as a country we are very young, and many of those atrocities happened only a few decades ago.

And therefore that cultural legacy has not gone away completely.

Today, in 2011, there are millions and millions of people in the United States that harbor a deep-seeded hate for what they consider to be minorities, immigrants, and for people who advocate for concepts of social justice and equality for all.

These people hold a twisted sense of piety that revolves around the concept that God will bless His followers with richness and good fortune, and will punish the sinner with poverty, disease, and despair.

They see the concept of equality and justice, and compassion, as advocated by Liberals and Progressives, as interference with God’s will.

In that sense, there is a certain proclivity towards sadism.  There is a certain satisfaction is seeing the suffering of those who they consider unworthy, lazy, sinful.  In their eyes, and again, richness and prosperity are the results of piety, and poverty and suffering, the result of debauchery.

What planet is this man living on? I am not a theologian, but I am not an idiot either. The Puritans were not perfect, but they believed in a work ethic, the family, morality, faith, and following God to the best of their ability. They made mistakes along the way, but generally speaking, I would say that their society was much healthier than our current society. Christianity supports equality of opportunity and equal application of justice–it does not support equal outcome. Christianity sees hard work as a virtue, and encourages charity.

Trashing Christianity is not attractive. Trashing a candidate because of his Christianity is even less attractive. Our country’s laws are based on a Judeo-Christian ethic–to attempt to undermine that ethic is to attempt to undermine the foundations of our government.