Ted Cruz On The Immigration Bill

One of Ted Cruz‘s websites has some interesting details about the immigration bill working its way through Congress:

  • The Schumer/Hoeven/Corker amendment is nearly 1,200 pages long, was just filed Friday afternoon, and will be voted on this Monday. We saw with Obamacare what happens when Congress rushes to pass such unwieldy legislation.
  • The Schumer/Hoeven/Corker “border security” amendment to the deal doesn’t require that the border actually be secured, nor does it require any security enhancements before legalization occurs.
  • This legislation makes the same mistake of the 1986 amnesty — legalization today for the false promise of border security tomorrow. It will encourage more illegal immigration and must be stopped.

There is also a video posted on YouTube explaining Senator Cruz’s objections to the bill:

We need to fix our immigration system. This is not the way to do it.

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