What Are We Teaching Our Children In College?

If this article were not posted in the National Review, I wouldn’t believe it.

The National Review posted a story today about a trip a professor at Santa Monica College took earlier this month with her students.

The article reports:

A professor at Santa Monica College took a group of students on an “EcoSexual Sextravaganza” trip earlier this month, during which they “married the ocean” and were encouraged to “consummate” that marriage.
Why? Well, as one of its organizers, a professor named Amber Katherine, told Campus Reform, it was to get students to love the environment more through “exocentric passion and even lust.”
Oh, right. Duh.
The leaders of the trip were UC–Santa Cruz professor Elizabeth Stephens and pornographic actress/writer/sex educator Annie Sprinkle — both of whom are “the effective leaders of the ecosexual movement,” according to a writeup on the event in the school’s student newspaper, the Corsair.

I can only wonder if the parents of the students who made this trip feel that the outrageous tuition they are paying for their children’s education is well spent.