Governor Romney’s Economic Plan

Governor Romney has released his plan for turning around the economy. Yesterday John HInderaker at Power Line released his initial evaluation of the plan. The article at Power Line posted a graph comparing the Obama ‘recovery’ to recoveries from past recessions. This is the chart:

That chart makes it pretty clear that we have a problem.

The article also includes a chart on the number of new of government regulations:

The uncertainty caused by the increase in government regulations is one reason companies are reluctant to hire new employees at this time. One of the tenets of Governor Romney’s economic plan is to undo the excessive regulations put into place by the Obama administration.

At this point I would like to insert a few thoughts about the Republican Primary race. I live in Massachusetts, and I feel that Governor Romney did a good job as governor of the state. Those who criticize the Governor for passing healthcare in this state do not understand the political composition of the state. Massachusetts is a one-party state that occasionally elects a Republican governor. The Democrats hold overwhelming majorities in the state legislature and pretty much do what they want (to the point where the last few leaders of the legislature have been sent to jail). Governor Romney could not have stopped healthcare in Massachusetts–he could only attempt to make it less awful, which he did. That said, I will be voting for Governor Perry in the Republican Primary. I like Mitt Romney, but I like Governor Perry better. Either one will be a very good candidate to run against Barack Obama.

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