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There have always been some very basic problems with the so-called alliance we have formed with the soldiers of Afghanistan. There are aspects of the Afghani culture that are simply not in agreement with the customs of Western civilization. Our political leaders have chosen to ignore those practices which are morally reprehensible to the average American in order to form an alliance to fight the Taliban. While I understand the need to fight the Taliban, once you give away your morality, it is very easy to lose your perspective. That is what I believe has happened in Afghanistan. I don’t know if this problem was there in the beginning, but I believe there is a problem now. One of the aspects of the Muslim culture in its most basic form is the acceptance of pediphelia. The practice of adult men sexually abusing young boys and young girls is not uncommon or particularly noteworthy in Afghani society. The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini was an amazing picture of this aspect of Afghani life. We also see this behavior in ISIS, where the claim is that having sex with underage girls or the rape of non-Muslim women is a valid part of Islam, condoned by the Koran. Needless to say, the American media has not often mentioned the practice of pediphelia in Afghanistan, and has chosen to ignore the instances where our military has turned a blind eye to the practice. Now the chickens have come home to roost.

The information I am about to share comes from the Facebook page taken out in the name of Marine LCpl Greg Buckley, Jr., a Marine killed by an Afghani.

This is the story:

Jason Brezler is a Marine Reservist facing discharge from the Corps.

While off-duty and in a life-and-death emergency, Jason emailed a requested document about a Taliban-associated Afghan sexual predator living on the Marines’ Forward Operating Base Delhi in Afghanistan.

Jason’s warning was ignored, and soon after one of the Afghan’s young sex abuse victims murdered three Marines in the base gym: Scott Dickinson, Richard Rivera and Greg Buckley.

The Gold Star families of those slain Marines sought information about the deaths from the Marine Corps, but were stonewalled in their attempts to get answers. Finding the Marine Corps unhelpful, one Gold Star Family – the Buckleys – sought help from their Congressman, Representative Peter King, in an effort to get the information about their son’s death, information that Congress has promised to all Gold Star families and that they are legally entitled to under federal law.

Representative Peter King reached out to Jason through contacts in the Fire Department of New York, of which Jason still currently serves. In an effort to help the Buckleys find the information they are entitled to about their son, Jason responded to and spoke with Representative King about the murders. Under federal law, Jason has a right to speak to his Congressman and that speech is legally protected.

Immediately after the media reported on the Buckleys quest for information and Congressman King’s efforts to help them, Jason became the target of retaliatory efforts from Commandant James Amos who immediately moved to throw Jason out of the Corps.

Amos used the alleged presence of classified information in Jason’s email warning as a pretext to unlawfully retaliate against him.

Because of obstruction of justice by the Marine Corps, the murderer of the three Marines received a sentence of only SEVEN YEARS!!

There are a lot of problems with the way this situation is being handled. The first is the idea that our military would tolerate the sexual abuse of young men and not do something about it. I know that we are in a different culture, but there are some things we just shouldn’t put up with. The second is the idea that Jason Brezler is being severely punished for making an attempt to save lives. The reason the information was considered classified is that it contained negative comments about the people we were working with. This information was not likely to be of interest to the Russians or the Chinese, the people who usually enjoy hacking into computers and reading classified emails. Contrast the fact that Jason Brezler is considered unworthy of the Marine Corps for his minor infraction and Hillary Clinton is running for President despite a major infraction.

Why is the military coming down so hard on Jason Brezler? Because they do not want the American people to know about the dark underside of the Islamic culture. The information that the saga of Jason Brezler will reveal about Afghani society is not something our military is interested in sharing with the American public. Jason Brezler is a threat to the status quo. That is why justice in his case is so skewed.

The Facebook page includes the following:

Please let the Secretary of the Navy know that Congress thinks Jason Brezler belongs in the Marine Corps, and that the FBI should investigate what happened at Forward Operating Base Delhi. You can do this by contacting your congressional representative and both of your state’s senators.

Of course we will update you as things develop.

I don’t have a problem with helping Afghanistan fight the Taliban, but we need to be very careful about choosing our friends. We also need to realize that not everyone we think is our friend is our friend. There are some things that simply should not be permitted on our military bases–regardless of where those bases are located.





Putting The Focus Where The Problem Is

Peter king

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As Congress tries to find ways of cutting the federal budget, a few Congressmen are looking at ways to make some agencies more efficient in dealing with the problems they were created to solve. In Washington, that is easier said than done.

Representative Peter King is asking for changes at the Department of Homeland Security that would allow the Department to focus formally on “homegrown violent Islamist extremism.” Joe Lieberman has introduced a companion bill in the Senate that would require a czar to oversee the program.

The article reports:

“Sen. Lieberman and I think it’s important to focus on the most serious threat, and Islamist radicalism is the most dangerous threat,” the Long Island Republican said. “By not saying that, we would be creating the appearance of equivalency with any number of different threats.”

Under President Obama, Homeland Security has avoided the term “terrorism” and references to radical Islam.

Whether it is politically correct to say so or not, the majority of our problems with terrorism have been with Islamist extremists. It is foolish to say that by ignoring that fact, we are doing something constructive.

The article further reminds us:

Both bills, for example, would consolidate redundant DHS offices and impose tight controls on spending by the agency, which has wasted billions in its first seven years.

Most notably, the U.S. Government Accountability Office found that DHS spent more than $4 billion on nuclear detection equipment that either didn’t work or wouldn’t fit in lanes at U.S. ports of entry.

It will be interesting to listen to the debate as these two bills move through Congress.

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