Numbers Don’t Lie

The numbers on ObamaCare are now starting to come out. They don’t look good. Power Line Blog posted an article yesterday about the latest statistics. National Public Radio collaborated with Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to survey Americans’ recent experience with health care.

Here are two graphs from the article:

ObamaCareStatisticsWhen you look at the numbers, ObamaCare is not a success.

Why Are They Always After My Cheeseburger ?

This video is part of an article written by Ed Morrissey at Hot Air and posted today:

The video highlights the Department of Agriculture’s newsletter which promotes “Meatless Monday.”

The Department of Agriculture’s newsletter states:

“One simple way to reduce your environmental impact while dining at our cafeterias is to participate in the ‘Meatless Monday’ initiative ,” The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) July 23, 2012 “Greening Headquarters Update” read. “This international effort, as the name implies, encourages people not to eat meat on Mondays. Meatless Monday is an initiative of The Monday Campaign Inc. in association with the John Hopkins School of Public Health.”

Pointing to the United Nations as their informational authority, the USDA’s newsletter said that going meatless is good for the environment because “animal agriculture is a major source of greenhouse gases and climate change. It also wastes resources. It takes 7,000 kg of grain to make 1,000 kg of beef. In addition, beef production requires a lot of water, fertilizer, fossil fuels, and pesticides.” It further charged that heavy meat consumption has detrimental health effect.

Human beings have canine teeth, which are designed for eating meat. Why do these people think they should control our diets and determine what we eat when?

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Paying For Spaying Your Pet With Obamacare

I realize that some of the information coming out about the Obama Administration is just dumb–politics has been happening in America for a long time–President Obama did not invent it, but Chicago politics seems to be a slightly different animal. The misuse of money in Obamacare is rampant–but some of the explanations given for the spending are really creative.

Yesterday’s Washington Examiner reported that some of the anti-obesity money from Obamacare was used in Nashville, Tennessee, to spay dogs and cats. Yes, you read that right.

The article reports:

The Nashville health department issued a press release last year that told residents in one neighborhood that they could get free pet spaying, neutering, rabies shots and other services as part of $7.5 million grant from the Communities Putting Prevention to Work, which is part of the Public Health and Prevention Fund that will soar to $2 billion in 2015 under Obamacare. The program was initially funded by the Obama stimulus initiative.

There are two things here–first the program was originally funded by the Obama stimulus, second, it is now funded by Obamacare. The City of Nashville’s comment was ““This targeted effort aims to address residents’ concerns that identify stray dogs as a barrier to outdoor physical activity. The Nashville Public Health Department Communities Putting Prevention To Work campaign is funded fully by the Department of Health and Human Services, as part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.” Good grief.

Please follow the link to the Washington Examiner to read the entire story. It is an amazing example of government run amok.

I need to say at this point that I support the spaying of pets. I am a foster parent for a local cat shelter. Below is a picture of one of the cats I fostered. The shelter spays the stray cats that they take in and requires new owners to place a deposit for spaying that will be returned to them when the animals are spayed. There are many ways to raise money to help people with the cost of spaying pets–Obamacare is not one I recommend.

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