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For thirty-five years, I lived about ten miles from Kraft Stadium in Foxboro, Massachusetts. New England sports fans are dedicated–even when their team is losing. I learned to appreciate the New England Patriots (actually I am a Jets fan, but I learned to appreciate the talent of the Patriots). I wasn’t really surprised to hear today that Tom Brady will be leaving the New England team. It has been an amazing 20 years for Tom Brady and the New England Patriots.

Ed Morrissey at Hot Air posted an article today about Tom Brady’s announcement that he is leaving the New England Patriots.

The article includes an Instagram post by Tom Brady:

The article concludes:

That era has finally closed out, and what an era it was. It was the kind of dominance that free-agency and the draft were designed to prevent by providing parity to the NFL. It seems unlikely that we’ll ever see it again, but that’s part of the fun of playing the games. At the very least, Brady earned that Greatest of All Time title, and we had fun watching him do it — even if many of us were wailing and gnashing our teeth while he did. No matter where he lands, it’s a long shot that Brady can generate that kind of dominance in the time he has left, but he might have enough to take a more complete team to the Super Bowl. Never count him out.

I will miss watching Tom Brady play. He made the game look easy.



It’s Been A Bad Week For Football

Tim Tebow, a player on the Denver Broncos Amer...

Tim Tebow, a player on the Denver Broncos American football team. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I like football. I’m a Jets fan (except when they play the Patriots, at which time I am thoroughly conflicted). I like Mark Sanchez–he is young, but I think he has great potential if he stays healthy. I have children who are Saints fans. It’s been a bad week.

Football is a rough sport. There is no need to make it rougher by giving out bonuses to hurt opposing players. The punishment levied against the New Orleans Saints’ coaches was appropriate. If there are other coaches doing the same thing, they should also be chastised. If you can’t win honestly, you don’t deserve to win.

About Tim Tebow. The best article I have seen on the Jets trade was posted yesterday at National Review. The article is entitled, “Tebow to Gomorrah.” I think that is probably appropriate.

The article sums it up:

Tebow is a force for capital-g Good in a sport filled with too much bad. And he’s a proven winner who routinely plays at the edge–and beyond–of his athletic ability. The Jets are a sad-sack organization with a Big-Blue chip on their shoulders, run almost entirely on bluster and bad behavior. Their marriage is far likelier to dull the former than sharpen the latter.

Don’t get me wrong. As a pure football move, I don’t think it’s terrible. Tebow would have been a nice piece in any offense–a versatile player (some scouts still think he should be converted into a tight end) who can do a lot of things in the backfield. The cost (a fourth and a sixth-round draft pick for Tebow and a seventh-rounder) was a little high, considering the Jets are in need of young depth, but liveable.

My understanding of Rex Ryan is that he would rather have a football team that runs instead of passes. Are we going to see Tim Tebow become part of a running offense to round out Mark Sanchez’s passing offense? That would be nice. At any rate, for a gang of New Yorkers, the Jets haven’t been very offensive lately, and I would like to see that change.

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