America Lost A Hero Today

U.S. Navy Captain Jeremiah Andrew Denton speak...

U.S. Navy Captain Jeremiah Andrew Denton speaking to a crowd at his welcome home ceremony. Found on ) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Fox News is reporting today that Jeremiah Denton has died. Jeremiah Denton was held as a prisoner of war in North Vietnam for 7 1/2 years. He alerted the U.S. military to conditions there when he blinked the word “torture” in Morse code during a television interview.


I remember watching the ceremony on television when the prisoners of war were welcomed home. My husband was a Vietnam-era veteran, and I was friends with someone whose husband had been missing in action for several years. It was wonderful to see Captain Denton and the other men who survived the Hanoi Hilton come home. Captain Denton’s leadership helped many of the other prisoners cope with the miserable conditions they were subjected to. He was a true hero.


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