Union Violence

Yesterday Investors.com posted the chart below to illustrate that union violence has become a part of American life.

On Wednesday an Ohio contractor was wounded by gunfire by a man uttering union threats.

The article reports on another incident:

It’s quite a different story for the Lambertville, Mich., contractor who woke up in the dead of night a week ago found a silhouetted figure on his driveway spraying “SCAB” on the side of his vehicle. The figure fired a gun at him before fleeing.

King runs a small business employing 40 people at high wages with good benefits. His success at a time when unionized contractors are failing made him the target of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), which has unsuccessfully sought to unionize his workers.

The article further reports:

At the same time as the attack against King, IBEW has also engaged in a violent strike against Verizon in New York. Union strikers have been accused of cutting phone lines, firing BB guns at nonunion workers, and picketing customers. Internet videos show them using foul language and goon tactics.

One of IBEW’s thugs put his own daughter in the path of a truck as a means of getting more money from his employer.

IBEW tactics have been so objectionable a federal judge ordered them this week to refrain from hurling and/or spreading feces in their strike, as if they should need to be told.

Leadership comes from the top. ¬†With the stacking of the National Labor Relations Board with people who are biased toward unions, unions are engaging in behavior that is unacceptable with no fear of being held accountable. Union membership is not a bad thing, but it needs to be voluntary–not coerced. Those people in the unions need to respect the rights of those who choose not to be in unions. Unfortunately, until the administration in Washington changes, I suspect union violence and thuggery will only increase.

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