It’s Good To Know What You Are Protesting Before You Protest

Yesterday The Federalist posted an article about a protest in West Oakland, California. The protest occurred last year, but the video has resurfaced this year because of the Democrat’s idea to abolish ICE. The protesters were protesting an ICE raid in their neighborhood.

The article reports:

Assuming the agents were arresting illegal immigrants, people began protesting outside of the house.

Neighbor Hadar Cohen woke up to her roommate crying, saying she didn’t know what to do. The two of them and other housemates went outside to find agents on their street. Cohen, who was holding a “No person is illegal” sign, said that agents weren’t telling the neighbors what was going on.

This is what the protesters did not know:

The raid was part of an ongoing criminal investigation of a child sex trafficking in Oakland. Investigators were executing a federal search warrant, a fact which the Oakland Police Department later confirmed.

Agents were seen taking two individuals to their cars; both had blankets covering their faces to conceal their identities.

Protestors wrote in chalk on the ground “We love our neighbors” and “Oakland PD is a disgrace,” as the agents and police officers busted up the child prostitution ring.

So the protesters were supporting the rights of child sex traffickers rather than the rights of the law enforcement agencies trying to protect the children in the area. How loony have protests become? If these protesters had known the truth, would it have mattered? Would the protests be different if any of their children had been taken by these people?

The ‘resistance’ has totally lost its way. It has been so blinded by hatred of a person that it cannot see. One of the accomplishments of the Trump administration is the ongoing battle against child pornography and human trafficking. This raid was one example of that battle, and protesters who had no idea what was going on made fools of themselves.

Check Your Own Closet For Skeletons Before You Criticize Anyone Else

The news media’s hair is on fire because children are being separated from their parents when they cross the U.S. border illegally. Never mind that the law is broken, it’s obviously cruel, inhuman and inexcusable. Why not simply send the entire family back together and ask them to get in line to immigrate? Not likely. But the criticism is somewhat hypocritical.

On January 29, 2016, New York Magazine reported:

The United States government placed an unknown number of Central American migrant children into the custody of human traffickers after neglecting to run the most basic checks on these so-called “caregivers,” according to a Senate report released on Thursday.

In the fall of 2013, tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors traveled to the U.S. southern border, in flight from poverty and gang violence in Central America. At least six of those children were eventually resettled on an egg farm in Marion, Ohio, where their sponsors forced them to work 12 hours a day under threats of death. Local law enforcement uncovered the operation last year, prompting the Senate’s Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations to open an inquiry into the federal government’s handling of migrants.

It is intolerable that human trafficking — modern-day slavery — could occur in our own backyard,” Senator Rob Portman, Republican of Ohio and the chairman of the subcommittee, told the New York Times. “But what makes the Marion cases even more alarming is that a U.S. government agency was responsible for delivering some of the victims into the hands of their abusers.”

This is the link to the Senate report. Assuming the detention centers for the children are clean and safe, the children are much better off there than in the hands of human traffickers. Where is this story on the news?

The War On Crimes Against Children

The Washington Times reported today that between March and May, the Justice Department arrested more than 2,3000 suspected online child sex offenders.

The article reports:

The operation was conducted by the Justice Department’s Internet Crimes Against Children task forces. All told, 195 offenders who either produced child pornography or committed child sexual abuse and 383 children who suffered sexual abuse were identified, the Justice Department said.

…The 61 Internet Crimes Against Children task forces are comprised of more than 4,500 federal, state and local law enforcement agencies. It targets suspects who produce, distribute or receive child pornography as well as those who engage in the sex trafficking of children or travel across state lines or to foreign countries to abuse children.

The Trump administration announced on March 13, 2018, that it was declaring war on human trafficking. Pornography is directly related to the crime of human trafficking. It is good to see the President following through on this announcement.

Principles Die When Politics Enter The Picture

Unfortunately the idea that principles die when politics enter the picture is true on both sides of the political aisle. However, every now and then an example of this concept occurs that is so blatant you have to wonder if anyone making the statements to the press is listening to themselves.

Newsbusters posted an article on Tuesday about the shutting down of the website Backpage. This is part of the war that President Trump has been waging against human trafficking since he took office. The media hasn’t said a lot about this, but good things are happening.

The story at Newsbusters reports:

Saturday was, as Katie Yoder at NewsBusters noted Tuesday afternoon, a “sad day.” That’s when the Women’s March sprang to the defense of, tweeting that its Friday seizure by the Justice Department “is an absolute crisis for sex workers.” In that same tweet, the group declared that “Sex workers rights are women’s rights.” Backpage and seven associated individuals were indicted Monday on charges relating to facilitating prostitution — including child prostitution conducted by human sex traffickers. Thus far, the establishment press has been almost unanimously running cover for the Women’s March by ignoring its disgraceful position.

According to the New York Times’s coverage of the the first Women’s March in January 2017, participants reportedly were there to “Protest Trump.” On the eve of that first march, a Times op-ed writer, who hoped that it “Could Resurrect the Democratic Party,” lamented that “Sex workers have rightly raised issues with its failure to meaningfully address their concerns.”

On April 7, The Los Angeles Times reported:

In the climax of a fight that pitted foes of sex trafficking against advocates of free internet speech, the Justice Department on Friday seized the website and raided the home of its cofounder.

…Congress moved to strip away that shield late last month with a measure to carve out an exception in the communications law after a high-volume political battle. When signed into law by President Trump, the measure will allow states to proceed against websites that knowingly assist or support sex trafficking.

Silicon Valley trade groups and free-speech advocates such as the ACLU fought the new measure, warning that it would create havoc by forcing companies to try to get a handle on wild online speech.

Sex workers have rights, and it’s wrong to interfere with websites that assist or support sex trafficking. What? I thought feminists were against women being sex objects. I admit I am somewhat unfamiliar with exactly how this whole things works, but it seems to me that a ‘woman of the night’ might actually be considered a sex object. Also, we used to have something called ‘community standards.’ Somehow I don’t think that freedom to promote sex trafficking would be included in those standards.

Thank you, President Trump, for dealing with the issue of sex trafficking. It has been going on in America (and worldwide) for a long time, and it is time someone stepped up to the plate and begin to deal with it.


Making a Difference–One Life At A Time

This is the story of a woman who is making a difference:

A Women’s Touch, Ending Slavery

Slavery? Does it still exist? Are you asking yourself that question? My personal experience will answer with a resounding, YES! Human trafficking, modern day slavery, is a great evil that is alive with an estimated 32 million people being enslaved around the world. It has been called the crisis of our time, as the vulnerabilities of innocent women and children are being exploited. What can a woman do to combat such vile atrocities against our own?

Open Our Eyes

In the winter of 2011 my dear friend, Jen, had just returned from a Joyce Meyer conference. She just could not get over what she heard and so she shared with me her heart concerns. Over 800,000 people are transported through Greece every year to be sold as slaves. Greece truly tugged at my heart, I had traveled there many times to see family (my husband’s family is still on the island of Chios) and partner in missions to refugees. My quick response to Jen’s concern was for us to GO do something about it! This minivan driving mom with three kids and an adored husband, was on a mission! My eyes were being opened and little did I know there was no turning around……


The adventure began immediately, as a dynamic team of 8 women came together from North and South Carolina to began a journey of a lifetime. We started with a strategy, PRAYER! We mapped out streets and began a commitment to prayer walk with focused intention, to transform our hearts and minds into a deeper love for all those we will meet, to set captives free and let’s be honest, to be PROTECTED! Our passionate and fearless perspective was rooted in our calling and in the mighty God we serve. We were ready to encounter the evil and to bring light and hope for the trafficked women in the brothels of Athens.

The streets were dark, drug infested and it was in one of those dingy, crowded brothels that I met face to face barely clothed women, some even mothers, dazed, distraught, and feeling helpless. I gave out hot coffee, prayed with them and offered them a chance for freedom. It was also in those same brothels that I encountered the power of answered prayer as miracles unfolded before my eyes; culminating with the ultimate freedom of one of one beautiful 16-year-old girl we ministered too, Maria.


Freedom began running through my veins and the power of Christ’s loving guidance was setting captives free!

“Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” — Harriet Tubman

I dreamed and founded True Justice International (TJI) which became a 501(c)(3) in 2012. Our mission is to execute True Justice on a local, state, national and global scale. We work diligently raising awareness in communities and churches, promoting prevention programs in schools, along with offering free counseling and mentoring services to those who have been exploited. From our work this past over 20 people were placed in safety from trafficking situations, 300 people removed from situations of exploitation and five thousand youth and young adults were educated. TJI also has a safe house in Honduras where we care for 11 little girls, all recovering from sex trafficking. These girls now have hope and a new life.

Our goal over the next several months is to open a safe house in the eastern part of the United States to serve US citizens and internationals trafficked into the US. There is an urgent need!

William Willberforce, a great English abolitionist and statesman who carried the mantel to eradicate the African slave trade, outlined three things that people can do to end slavery.

1. Prayer

2. Awareness

3. Giving


We are women making history. Just like Harriet Tubman, we are women who seek to love beyond ourselves. Join us today as a monthly partner or TEXT to give a one- time donation (252) 313-9047. EVERY GIFT COUNTS!

Like our True Justice International Facebook page or check out our website and become apart of our movement that is impacting the end of slavery.

Sarah Tellis

CEO and Founder of True Justice International

More Bullying By The Obama Administration

The Obama Administration has shown itself to be thin-skinned in dealing with anyone who does not agree with them. They have also shown a willingness to shut down the free speech of any opposition. It is not surprising that they are also making things very difficult for groups who do not support abortion to get government grants to fight human trafficking.

Fox News reported today:

Religious groups that refuse abortion counseling no longer can get grants to help human trafficking victims unless they ensure the counseling is provided by a third party, under new guidelines by the Department of Health and Human Services.

In guidance quietly posted online in June, the agency said groups competing for grants must offer “the full range of legally permissible gynecological and obstetric care,” which includes abortion counseling and referrals. If groups don’t offer the services, they must propose an alternative approach to remain competitive for a grant.

That has at least one anti-abortion advocate contending the new policy may violate the federal Weldon Amendment, a law saying federal money can’t be awarded if it’s being used to discriminate against healthcare entities that won’t provide or refer women for abortions.

Under President Obama, the Department of Health and Human Services has become an advocate for abortion–not an advocate for improving the health of Americans. It is time for Americans to rethink what abortion has given us–do you support the selling of baby body parts? According to Planned Parenthood, they are doing nothing wrong when they sell baby body parts. Is this what you signed on for when you said you were ‘pro choice?’

Enforce The Current Laws–Don’t Scream For Change

Last night I watched a movie produced by the Tea Party called, “The Border States of America.” The movie is embedded below (taken from YouTube).

One of the important things noted in the movie is the fact that we have turned over control of the border to the Mexican drug cartels. They control who crosses, where they cross, and they make a tremendous amount of money on drug smuggling and human trafficking. The farmers along the border are afraid to call the police when they see illegal activity because the cartels have threatened them. If we are to be a sovereign nation, we had better learn to act like one.

A few years ago, someone introduced me to the Cloward-Piven strategy. This is a strategy first proposed in 1966 and named after Columbia University sociologists Richard Andrew Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, The purpose of the strategy is to hasten the fall of capitalism by overloading the government bureaucracy with a flood of impossible demands, thus pushing society into crisis and economic collapse. When I first heard this, I thought it was far-fetched, but looking at the border crisis has convinced me that it may be something I need to revisit.

Last summer we had tens of thousands of unaccompanied children come across the southern border. Those children brought with them diseases and other challenges. They will be a burden on our school systems, our welfare systems, and unfortunately, our criminal justice system–many of these ‘children’ were not children at all, but members of violent Latin American gangs. This influx of illegals does have the potential to ‘collapse the system.’

Please watch the movie, and if you love America, write or call your Congressman and ask that the government secure our southern border before we even discuss immigration reform.


Slowing Down Human Trafficking In Columbia

The Blaze is reporting today on a sting operation in Columbia that rescued fifty-five victims of sex trafficking–one as young as eleven years old.

The article reports:

Colombian officials acted in conjunction with U.S. law enforcement authorities, who arrested a man in the United States who allegedly traveled to Medellin to have sex and film himself with underage prostitutes.

Two U.S. nonprofit groups dedicated to eradicating sexual exploitation of children, Breaking Chains and Operation Underground Railroad, assisted with the case.

Tim Ballard, the founder of Operation Underground Railroad, was part of a sting operation that apparently caught alleged sex trafficker named Marcus Bronschidle on video bartering over the price of sex with young girls. Ballard is also a former CIA agent and former U.S. Homeland Security investigator specializing in child sex trafficking cases.

The article goes on to explain how the criminals were set up and what their possible jail terms in Columbia will be. Frankly, I think this is a crime where the death penalty should be enforced worldwide.

Good News In America

CBN News posted a story today about the recent rescue of 150 children and the arrest of 150 pimps involved in human trafficking. The rescues and arrests took place in 76 American cities.

The article reports:

The Justice Department says nearly 450,000 children run away from home each year and that one-third of teens living on the street will be pulled toward prostitution within 48 hours of leaving home. Astoundingly, some are recruited right out of foster care facilities.

The graph below is from the Human Trafficking Statistics Report in 2012:

Human trafficking is a major problem around the world. America is not exempt from this problem. Part of the problem is related to the breakdown of families in America. Children need a stable home environment, and often that is something they don’t have. They can be lured into trafficking through promises of lucrative modeling careers and other wonderful-sounding promises. We need to educated our children about the dangers of looking for short cuts to financial success.

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