Making Sure History Is Not Rewritten

On Monday, The Blaze reported on a California school district classroom assignment in critical thinking that involved denial of the Holocaust. This is not an exercise in critical thinking–this is brainwashing. The assignment was in line with Common Core standards. Please follow the link above to get the whole story.

I am sure there is an incredible coincidence involved here, but the article at The Blaze reports:

In a statement issued Monday, the school district said Interim Superintendent Mohammad Z. Islam would meet with administrators to make sure references to the Holocaust “not occurring” are taken out of current assignments and not included in future assignments.

Now, for the truth. Yad Vashem is the Holocaust website. It is a website with stories from the survivors of the concentration camps, historical information, a database, and links to other information sites. I strongly suggest browsing there to learn the truth about the Holocaust.

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