The Official Israeli Navy SEALS Association in Stoughton

Date:November 14th, 2013
Ahavath Torah Congregation
1179 Central Street
Stoughton, MA

Time: 7:00 PM

Cost:  $10 Donation Suggested.

Event Details:

The Israeli Navy SEALs, also known as the Naval Commandos and Shayetet — or “Shin” — 13, is one of the elite combat units in Israel’s Defense Forces (IDF).  Its insignia is a bat (in Hebrew “Atalef” ) carrying a hand grenade. Its moto: “Like a bat out of the darkness, like a grenade exploding in thunder”.

About Atalef:  

The Atalef Foundation is dedicated to supporting the SEALs during their demanding regular and reserve military service, and to supporting them during their re-entry to civilian society. It is also committed to helping the SEALs realize their promise to Israeli society by encouraging and assisting each of them to contribute to society the unique skills and talents that they exhibited and acquired during their years of military service.

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Sometimes Things Happen That Restore My Faith In Humanity

Oddly enough, the article that has (at least temporarily) restored my faith in humanity was posted at the Huffington Post. The article reports on two things that happened at the Olympic Games that made me smile.

Fabien Gilot, a member of the French freestyle relay team (swimming), after the team won the gold, raised his arm to reveal a tattoo. The tattoo was in Hebrew:
אני כלום בלעדיהם, meaning “I am nothing without them.” The swimmer stated that it was a tribute to his grandfather, Max Goldschmidt, an Auschwitz survivor, who died earlier this year.

The article also reports:

This is not the only moving tribute to a Jewish figure at this year’s Olympic Games in London. The same day that Gilot revealed his Hebrew tattoo, the Italian delegation to the Olympics held a minute of silence with the Israeli team to commemorate the 11 victims of the 1972 Munich massacre.

Sometimes, when organizations do the wrong thing, people do the right thing.

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