Some Of Our Congressmen Are Paying Attention

This video was posted at the Washington Examiner the last week of August:

The video shows House Homeland Security Committee chairman Pete King, R-N.Y. questioning Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano about the recent visit by Hani Nour Eldin to the White House where he met with high-ranking Obama administration and State Department officials. Mr. Eldin is a member of the recently elected Egyptian parliament. He is also a member of a group designated as a terrorist group by the United States government.

The article reports Ms. Napolitano’s answers to Rep. King’s questions about letting a known terrorist into the White House:

“I think we have to add more nuance to that,” she said when King mentioned that Eldin is part of a designated foreign terrorist organization. “We have to know what the group was. Is it now a political party that is running the government of a country that has strong ties to the United States?” She added that he went through three stages of vetting and “everyone who looked at this person felt confident that he was not a security risk to the White House or to the United States.”

My question after watching the video is, “Didn’t anyone bother to check his Facebook page?” I find the lack of research amazing.

As someone who is not prone to nuance, I think this is nuts. One of the things Mr. Eldin did while at the White House was ask for the release of another terrorists–the Blind Sheik. Enjoy the video.


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