The Problem With Syrian Refugees

On September 21, 2015, the Israel National News posted a story about an ISIS recruiter posing as a refugee at the Stuttgart Germany refugee center.

The article reports:

At the same time, a German finance ministry spokesman has acknowledged the seizure of “boxes” of fake Syrian passports, destined for sale and distribution to the new refugees from Syria and elsewhere.Bulgarian police confiscated 10,000 fake Syrian passports on their way to Germany.

As I reported on October 7:

Senior FBI officials recently testified that they have no idea who these people are, and they can’t find out what type of backgrounds they have — criminal, terrorist or otherwise — because there are no vetting opportunities in those war-torn countries.

Syria and Iraq, along with Somalia and Sudan, are failed states where police records aren’t even kept. Agents can’t vet somebody if they don’t have documentation and don’t even have the criminal databases to screen applicants.

The article in the Israel National News further reports:

Regarding the Syrian passports, an article in the German Tagespiegelreported that it is not only Syrians who are interested in them: “Refugees from Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan want to become Syrian in order to secure their recognition as asylum seekers in Western Europe. According to press reports, nine out of ten refugees who came from Macedonia to Serbia claimed they were Syrians.”

The EU frontier police chief, Fabrice Leggeri, recently told Europe 1 TV that the trade in fake Syrian passports originated in Turkey. “There are people who are now in Turkey, buying false Syrian passports because they have obviously realized that it is a windfall, since Syrians get asylum in all Member States in the European Union,” he said.

This tide of refugees needs to be examined very carefully. Refugees are people leaving horrible conditions in their home countries seeking a better life in another country. The unsaid part of this is that they will assimilate into their new countries and become peaceful citizens of their new country. We are already seeing some problems with this concept. On September 19th, I posted an article about Muslims who initiated a petition on urging the City of Munich to end the Un-Islamic Oktoberfest. That is not assimilation. The proper refugee behavior would be simply not to attend the festival–not immediately to attempt to change the culture of the country they fled to.

Refugees who want to assimilate into western countries should be welcomed. Those refugees who want to create Islamic enclaves in western countries should be sent back to other Arab countries in the Middle East. Otherwise–this is not a refugee crisis–it is an invasion.