Sometimes I Just Have No Words

We need to keep in mind that Qasem Soleimani was a terrorists. He was responsible for the killing and injuring of hundreds of American soldiers in both Iraq and Afghanistan. He was responsible for killing hundreds of Iranian civilians who were protesting the current regime. He was the coordinator of various terrorist organizations throughout the Middle East and in other parts of the world. He was not simply a high-ranking government official in Iran–he was a cold-blooded murderer.

Below is some of the insanity of the American media in dealing with the death of Soleimani (posted on YouTube January 10th):


Using The Media To Brainwash Our Children

I am very glad that I am no longer raising children. Keeping track of their social media, internet use, and entertainment choices would give me more gray hair than I already have. However, even as a grandparent, I need to remember that generally speaking, the entertainment industry is working against the morals that most of us tried to teach our children. Gone are the days of the good guys winning and those who played the good guys serving in the military and staying married to the same person. The teenage idols our children look up to today are more than a little scary to those of us who are early baby boomers. Today’s teenage idols make Elvis and the Beatles look like choir boys.

So where am I going with this? I have said before that I think Disney has been taken over by radical feminists who love special effects. A number of recent Disney movies confirmed that suspicion. Now we have further evidence of the entertainment industry being used to shape our children’s values.

An article posted at Townhall yesterday included the following:

Planned Parenthood Keystone published (and later deleted) an inflammatory tweet advocating for several Disney princess characters that it claimed “we need.” Although conservative parents who wish to shield their young children from media propaganda promoting ideas like abortion and transgender ideology would likely disagree.

The list of princesses proposed by Planned Parenthood Keystone included a princess who has undergone an abortion, a transgender princess and others.

Prior to its deletion, the tweet had generated hundreds of responses on Twitter. Here’s a screenshot of the now-deleted tweet:

Does anyone else fondly remember the days of Annette Funicello?