In Case You Thought Egypt Would Quiet Down Now That The Muslim Brotherhood Has Been Removed From Power

This video appears on the website Gates of Vienna and on YouTube:

The comments made do not bode well for the future. The Muslim Brotherhood is Shiite Muslim. They are naturally aligned with Iran. The are part of the dream of a worldwide caliphate. If they are removed from power, part of Egypt’s economic problems will be solved with aid from Saudi ArabiaSunni Muslims who fear the increased power of Iran. Saudi Arabia is the home of the Wahabi branch of radical Islam, and also the original home of Al Qaeda. Frankly, the Egyptian military is the only possible pro-American and pro-Israel group in this bunch. This is going to be a nasty civil war. I seriously doubt the Muslim Brotherhood will go quietly.

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Congress? What Congress?

Big Government posted an article yesterday about America’s military aid to Egypt. Congress has halted aid to Egypt until and “unless the State Department certifies that Egypt is making progress on basic freedoms and human rights.”  President Obama evidently has other ideas. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is expected to announce that America will resume funding Egypt’s military despite Congressional restrictions.

The article reports:

Even Sen. Patrick J. Leahy (D-VT), a man with whom I’ve never agreed on anything, sees the foolishness of this endeavor: “I believe [sending the aid] would be a mistake. The new [restrictions were] intended to put the United States squarely on the side of the Egyptian people who seek a civilian government that respects fundamental freedoms and the rule of law, and to clearly define the terms of our future relations with the Egyptian military.”

If Congress ever intends to be relevant, it needs to get its head out of the sand and confront President Obama on this power grab. Never-mind that Christians, Jews, and innocent civilians are being killed in Egypt on a regular basis by the government brought about by the ‘Arab Spring,’ this is simply unconstitutional.

Sending military aid to Egypt at this time will do nothing except destabilize the Middle East and make Israel more vulnerable to attack. I think Congress may have figured out that the new government of Egypt is not our friend, but evidently the President hasn’t.

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