When The Perfect Life Isn’t Perfect

Katrina Trinko posted an article today at National Review Online about Ann Romney‘s battle with Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Please follow the link above to read the entire article–it is inspiring. But there’s an aspect of this story. From the outside looking in, Ann Romney has led a storybook life–she has a successful husband, handsome, successful sons, a wonderful family, financial success, etc. But how do you handle it when your storybook life comes crashing down and you can’t even physically handle even basic household chores?

The story of Ann Romney should cause all of us to stop and realize how blessed we are. We may not have a storybook life, but we have our own story and we have our own gifts and treasures that God has given us. We need to remember when we see Ann Romney portrayed as having lived a privileged life, that she has faced challenges that would have defeated many of us. Ann Romney is a lady of courage who I believe would make a wonderful First Lady

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Not-So-Transparent Transparency

The Washington Examiner posted an article yesterday about the White House’s attempt to spin the “working wives vs non-working wives” dust-up. It seems that when President Obama took office, in a move toward historic transparency, he opened up the White House visitor logs to the public. That really is nice–I think Americans have a right to know who their President is talking to. However, there seems to be a slight snag in the process.

The article reports some dodging and weaving by Press Secretary Jay Carney:

“The point I was making yesterday is that often when we get inquiries about the visitor list, the WAVES list, just based on names, it turns out that people with common names appear  . . .  sometimes there are other people with the same names,” Carney told reporters today. “So all I was simply saying is that at that point, we had no way of verifying that this was one person.”

Carney was explaining why he responded, “I know three, personally, women named Hilary Rosen. So I’m not sure that those represent the person we’re talking about necessarily,” when he was asked about Rosen’s many trips to the White House. (Obama was exposed to embarrassment when Rosen, a Democratic strategist and familiar figure in the White House, said that Ann Romney had “never worked a day in her life.”)

The article then asks, “If the White House visitor logs can’t be used for “verifying” the identity of White House visitors, are the logs “still providing the American people with an unprecedented amount of information about their government” as promised?” That is a very good question. 

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