Why All Patriotic Americans Should Immediately Move To Texas

Common sense has long since departed from our political discussions, but every now and then it shows up. Lately it seems as if it shows up a lot in Texas. Today’s Houston Chronicle is reporting that the Texas Department of Transportation will take over the funding for the thirteen small air traffic control towers that the federal government has stopped funding.

The article reports:

The decision must be approved by the Texas Transportation Commission, which is scheduled to meet Thursday in an emergency session.

TxDOT will get the money from existing state aviation funds, said spokesman Mark Cross.

The estimated cost of paying the air traffic controllers is $7 million a year, Cross said.

The initiative for the funding came from Gov. Rick Perry‘s office, he said.

The sequester cuts are all for show. The government will still spend more money this year and next year than it did the year before. The idea that we are being harmed by the sequester is political garbage (that’s not the world I really wanted to use, but this blog is rated “G”).

Thank you, Governor Perry, for exposing the sequester spending cuts sham for what it is.

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