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I went to an event tonight sponsored by the Boston Chapter of Act for America. The guest speaker was Brigitte Gabriel, a frequent commentator on Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC news programs.  Ms. Gabriel is the founder, president, and CEO of Act for America, a group formed to combat the growing threat to America that Islamist terrorism represents.

Ms. Gabriel began speaking by telling her personal story of life in Lebanon before the radical Muslim takeover of the country. Lebanon used to be the only Christian majority country in the Middle East. It was the garden spot of the region. Lebanon was 67 percent Christian and was a truly multi-cultural country—there was freedom of religion for all religions. Gradually Muslims immigrated to Lebanon and became the majority of the country. The Muslims formed the Arab Lebanese Army, attacked Christians in a church, and started a civil war. The Muslims killed Christians, burned churches, and committed other atrocities. None of the western democracies came to the aid of Lebanon. Finally Israel began to help the Lebanese Christians fight back. They provided food, weapons, and bomb shelters.  Israel invaded Lebanon in 1982, setting up a security zone to protect Christians. Ms. Gabriel shared the story of her mother being wounded in one of the Muslim attacks and taking her mother to Israel for treatment. The Lebanese ambulance driver who knew her family and was her fellow countryman charged her half of all the money she had to drive her to the Israeli border. The Israeli ambulance driver, who was a total stranger, who drove her and her mother to the Israeli hospital, charged her nothing. Ms. Gabriel points to this event as one that demonstrated to her the difference between the Israeli culture and the Arab culture. At the Israeli hospital, people of all races and religions were treated with equal care. It did not matter that the Arab soldier, given the opportunity, would gladly have slit the throat of the doctor treating his wounds—the Israeli doctor still treated those wounds with care.

Ms. Gabriel pointed out that the majority of Muslims are moderate and are not terrorists. Radical Muslims represent only about 15 to 25 percent of the Muslim population. Unfortunately, that minority is about 180 to 300 million people. It is that minority that is driving the agenda and forcing the nations of the free world to defend themselves. She rightfully pointed out that the peaceful majority was irrelevant in Germany during the reign of Adolph Hitler. The peaceful majority was irrelevant in pre-World War II Japan, and the peaceful majority was irrelevant in China and Russia.

As someone who is from the Middle East, Ms. Gabriel has a different perspective on terrorism than most Americans born and raised in America. She stated that September 11, 2001, turned her world upside down. She stated, “The terrorists I thought I had left behind had come to America.”

Ms. Gabriel talked about the systematic infiltration of America by groups under the umbrella of the Muslim Brotherhood. “The Project,” introduced as evidence in the Holy Land Foundation Trial details the Muslim Brotherhood’s plan for North America, written in 1991. The plan outlines tactics and proposals detailing how to maintain the appearance of moderation while infiltrating clubs, and offices of government. There were 29 front groups under the Muslim Brotherhood operating in America named in the trial as co-conspirators. CAIR is still trying to get itself taken off that list.

The Muslim infiltration has impacted American education at the college level. Many of the political science departments and Middle East studies departments in our major universities and community colleges are underwritten by Saudi Arabian petrodollars. Pro-Israel speakers are no longer welcome at American universities. We now have Islamic consultants working with children’s textbook publishers. Our sixth and seventh grade textbooks have an Islam course that encourages children to become Muslims for three weeks. Our children are being taught that jihad is a struggle against oppression, invasion, or injustice. Muslim children are taught that jihad is making war against infidels. The Muslim course is indoctrinating our children with the talking points of those who want to destroy our freedom and our country.

Ms. Gabriel set up ACT for American as an action group to fight this sort of indoctrination of American children and the continuing creep of Sharia Law.  ACT has over 175,000 members today, over 600 chapters nationwide, and a full-time lobbyist on Capitol Hill. The organization uses grass roots networks to protect American freedoms and national security. Their website is Their purpose is to build a grassroots network to stop the creep of Sharia Law and stop the infiltration of the American schools. They have been effective enough for CAIR to begin to use their name in its fund raising efforts. That is one definition of success!

Please follow the link to their website to learn more about this organization. They are deserving of the support of all Americans. There are ways that all of us can help—big or small. In addition to what they do, they are also making more Americans aware of the threat that we currently face.

I would like to thank Ms. Gabriel for having the courage to speak up. I would also like to note that it was refreshing to hear her appreciation of America and the people in the audience who had served in the American military. I have said before on this blog that I am the daughter of a World War II veteran who landed on Utah beach on D-Day, the wife of a Vietnam-era veteran, and the mother-in-law of someone currently serving in the military. I appreciated her thank you. She is lady of courage doing what she can to preserve her adopted country. Thank you.

Brigitte Gabriel will be speaking again in New England:

October 17, 2011 at 7:00pm-9:00pm

Word of Life Christian Fellowship Church
95 Old Loudon Rd.
Concord, New Hampshire

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  1. Brigitte is establishing what we need: organized net of resistance. Driving around the country, away from her family, sleeping in hotels, educating and sharing with passion the story of her life that seems to many Americans like a thriller movie. She is real and busting her buns for you and me. If everyone of us does only a fraction of what she did, our net of organized resistance would dwarf all the radicals and completely wipe out the vulnerability in so called “moderate” muslims – although I will never understand what is moderate in following an example of a child molester, thief-in-chief, kaffir hater, liar, and warlord, who justified every single one of his own wrong doing by a later-and-after-the-fact “revelation”. Thank you, Brigitte, for your work, you had me sitting on the edge of my seat and leaving upset that I do so little.

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