This Is Dedicated To Anyone Feeling Cold Out There

According to an article in Power Line Blog yesterday, the snowy owl, a native of the far north has been moving south.  In Tennessee, bird watchers spotted the first snowy owl to be seen in the state in 22 years.  I’m not sure what this means long term, but it is obvious that at least for this winter, global warming has taken a holiday!  It seems as if the predictions of the late 1970’s which heralded a coming ice age may have been more accurate.  I guess the bottom line is that you really can’t expect a science that cannot successfully predict next week’s weather to tell us what is going to happen twenty years from now. 

As I have said before, one of the best websites to refute global warming is  Today, their lead article is about a mature Arctic Ivory Gull spotted in Plymouth, Massachusetts.  A mature Gull of this species has not been spotted in Massachusetts since the 1800’s.  The entire article can be found at

So much for global warming.